How to Manifest Your Desires

This is one of the most valuable tools you can use to conquer your inner dragons and create your ideal life. The latest discoveries in brain research, epigenetics, and quantum physics now scientifically prove how the power of intentions, meditation and prayer manifest into reality.

We are not bound by genetics as previously thought. This is a huge revelation because it means we can change ourselves, or aspects of ourselves, at a core level. What many people believe to be their inherent reality, like identity, personality, circumstance, or even genetic disposition, can be changed by the power of thought!

Whether it’s physical health, financial wealth, relationships, spiritual awareness, addiction, or other aspects of yourself to improve upon, manifestation begins with your thoughts and your feelings being in agreement.

…by living in the present moment from the point of already having achieved your desires.

When the mind (thoughts) and the body (feelings or emotional state) are both in agreement, or aligned, the subconscious mind will work at ways to ‘manifest’ your desires without you having to consciously think about it. The body actually changes at a cellular level.

This helps explain how disease has been miraculously cured. How financial success unexpectedly shows up. How opportunities spontaneously present themselves. How to instantly remove mental blockages. When we are clear of unsupportive beliefs, manifestation can happen instantly.

Visualization and positive thinking are not enough. You can visualize and think positive all day. But if deep down, you don’t really believe in your visualization and affirmations, manifestation and real change remains a distant dream. You can want something deeply, but there’s much more to it than wanting.

You must embody the feeling as if your desire has already happened. In other words, you must feel the “feeling of having” right now – before you actually have it. This is what causes the chemical and cellular change in the body that ultimately reconditions your subconscious, which is the key to the gateway of manifestation. So again, the mind (thoughts) and the body (feelings) must be alignment.

So the point is alignment, not manifestation.

But here’s the hard part. You have to be detached from wanting what you desire. …wait… what?

Lemme explain. There are 2 reasons that detachment is necessary. Firstly, the feeling of wanting presupposes that we don’t have it. So the energy (feelings/emotions) our body produces from wanting is that of yearning, anticipation, expectation, and neediness. Therefore energetically, it has the opposite effect and pushes it away. But how do you feel when you’ve already achieved or have something? …Probably grateful, fulfilled, satisfied or you may even take it for granted cause you’ve got it already.

Secondly, when we’re attached to wanting something, the mind gets in the way. We get in our own way. The conscious mind is bound to the ego, which wants to control. So it lives in the comfort zone of familiarity (obviously what you don’t want). If something happens outside familiarity, the mind resists and sends out the wrong signals to the body. This results in misalignment of the mind (thoughts) and body (feelings), then you’re back to square one. These are self destructive, self sabotaging patterns that show up. (Our untrained dragons.) 

Did you know the conscious mind is only responsible for about 5% of brain activity? The other 95% of the brain is your subconscious. When your limited conscious mind (and ego) is not interfering with the manifestation process, the subconscious mind is free to work with the universe to bring your desires to reality. But you must give the universe the right-of-way. Again, it’s not about the how. It’s about aligning the mind and body with the thoughts and feelings of already having.

It has to happen backwards in consciousness before it happens in form.

So how do you get yourself to believe it before you see it? …to feel the feelings of having something you don’t actually have yet? Especially during times of stress and high emotion where you can’t get yourself to feel good?

The key is in meditation, prayer, or even daydreaming. During meditation, your mind can go into relaxed lower frequencies of the brain. The lower frequencies are the gateway to the subconscious. In this relaxed state you can anchor the intended thoughts and feelings of which you desire. Once the aligned thought and feeling is anchored through meditation, you can call upon that feeling throughout your normal day. You’ll likely catch yourself slipping back to old thought patterns, but now you are conscious and aware.

Now you can train the body by managing your state.

How do you know if it’s working? Your outer world reflects your inner world and manifests into form. You’ll see the results in unexpected ways. And if not, be honest with yourself and reassess to see if your mind (thoughts) and body (feelings/emotions) are truly in alignment. Meditate.

It may help you to understand how this works in order to ease the analytical part of your mind into believing that it works, and isn’t some new age hocus pocus. If your mind needs it, I suggest reading Evolve Your Brain and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

To briefly demonstrate how the brain and body actually change at a cellular level, watch this video.


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