Proof That Animals Have Souls

To think that animals don’t have feelings is just plain ridiculous. Animals are so loving and compassionate. If you have a pet you probably know what I’m talking about. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that our pet’s actually teach us love and compassion. They can teach us a lot more too, like how to live in the moment.

Animals are fellow earthlings. They may not communicate with us in a way that most people can understand, but if we listen and watch carefully, it’s obvious. They Do have feelings and they Do communicate. Not only that, there are countless stories of our animal friends saving people’s lives.

Here are 14 incredible stories of different animals showing their pure souls. It’s touching to say the least, and a quick enough read to skim through.

So many of us love animals …we say we do anyway. But actions speak louder than words. It’s really sad that more of us haven’t really made the connection with animals and what’s on your plate. Even people whom you’d never expect to, have made the connection.


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